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Hello, I’m Kerry!

As an Experience Designer, I cultivate a variety of ways for people to have creative expression through art, breath, movement, visualizations, ceremony and ritual. I am passionate about providing opportunities for human connection. I do this by holding space for small tribes of women to gather around the New Moon each month, and setting intentions together around a collective theme. Additionally, I design Overnight & Weekend Retreats for those who are needing a little more depth and Self-Care in their lives. Finally, I am the founder of a large group gathering under the stars in Centerburg, Ohio called The Sacred GEO Experience, loving referred to as “GEO” and “Sacred GEO”.



New Moon Circles

My warmth and welcoming nature creates an environment that allows others to feel safe and at ease. I utilize my strength by creating opportunities for women to gather and be witnessed in a very impacting and personal way. My facilitation process is based around a monthly astrology theme to learn, discuss, and tap into our own intuitive guidance. We do this through a guided visualization, and a safe, deep-hearted share of our own experiences, or what we learn from our inner wisdom. This is also a way for the group to teach and impact the other women in circle.


My circle leadership training is with The Wild Women Project, which is an international organization whose mission:

To awaken women to their most authentic, undomesticated nature, so they may feel like themselves, all the time, no apologies.”  

I have lead a monthly moon circle since March 2016. In addition, I have studied personal growth facilitation throughout years of summer camp programming, Undergraduate degree from Indiana University in Recreation Management, and working with both youth and adult populations in personal empowerment and team building.


My intention of service is to allow women to live their best lives. This in turn allows the people in their lives to witness, learn and grow from them too.  Wild Women Project Moon Circle: 2 hours in length

Copy of Copy of GEO Chakra Alignment FB.

Stay Tuned for future Sacred GEO Experience News & Happenings!


"This experience is a unique blend of being fed mind, body and spirit!"

Dawn Thompson,

~ Dawn of a New Era

"What a fantastic and re-energizing experience. Mindfully planned to create an interconenctive experience of co-creation, introspection, and celebration. So glad I took the plunge!"

Danielle Mari

"This one is filled with goodness, inspiration, guidance, connection, and love!"

Joshua Hayward

"Beautiful, magical experience! I'd sign up again in a heart beat!"

Kelli Pitrone

"Amazing weekend full of peace, restorative energy and love!"

Liliana Baiman

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